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At this point you are asking yourself:

Why, God, Why?

Put It on My Bill is the worst place on the internet.

It is my own personal website, meant to act as an online project dedicated to being antithetical to the modern internet experience; something that isn't made to be marketable, or to garner clicks, or meaningless views. There was a time when the internet wasn't an advertiser-friendly cult of personality where inarticulate neanderthals can operate their viral revenue factories. It was anyone's art exhibit, where people could do what they did, create and post things because they enjoyed it. A strange and novel concept in today's commercial web space.

If you stick around, you'll notice that just about everything I do kinda sucks. You have to be a Put It on My Bill fan to become a Put It on My Bill fan. But everything Put It on My Bill is, is mine. Perhaps it's the only thing that will ever truly belong to me and me alone. And that's what it means to me. If you stay, and end up enjoying my content, I thank you, and look forward to being your friend. And of course, I encourage you, mollusk, to create your own art space on the internet. Make it advertiser-unfriendly. Make it yours. The internet can be yours if you take it back!

Those little tiny pictures at the bottom of my web page are links to social media. Aren't they cute? Well if you click on them you can say hateful things to me, and I know you want to.

And if you'd like to learn more about the fine young men behind Put It on My Bill, click here!

Thank you so much for coming by, my little mollusk friend. Come back any time!

And remember; it starts with you.

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