top of page was created in 2018, and years later, the motives and intentions of the website creator(s) remain unclear.


We hope and pray to divine powers that everything might work out in the end, that we could be spared the ultimate pain and retribution that awaits all mankind. We dream brave and desperate dreams of discovery, of enlightenment and love and the most beautiful things. Yet, we awaken to find the world as we left it; doomed.

This evening, and most evenings, I find myself without a community. By extension, I am without a sense of belonging or purpose. There is this great impenetrable wall, a grand and imposing chasm, between myself and feeling as if I can functionally integrate myself into social circles, As if I could form meaningful connections with other human beings. Is it trauma? Fear of rejection? Or, in my greatest fears, is it the fact that it just was never meant to be? Maybe exists as a means to answer that question. For all I know, it could be a fruitless effort. it could all be a fruitless effort. 


I believe this website has as just much purpose existing on this earth as you or I do. 

If you are a human being who finds themselves confused, sickly and dejected at four in the morning, you belong to

Welcome home.

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