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Two Months of Absence and What I Have to Show for It

To the fans of Put It on My Bill, I say: rejoice! For Bill is risen!

As is tradition here at Put It on My Bill, the happiest place on the internet, I must apologize for another absence. You see, being 22 means that I'm far too busy working my soul away and drinking myself to death to devote myself to something I am genuinely passionate about. I've been neglecting this lovely website of mine, and all of you irreplaceable humans who I am blessed to call fans.

Pressing duties in my work and personal life simply get the better of me and I start neglecting the website, the YouTube channel, and any other creative outlets that - believe me - I truly wish I had more time and energy for. I am hot, I am sweaty. I am stressed and tired. And I love you.

I am working towards creating a more reliable schedule for writing articles for this site, and creating unique, feature-length videos for Put It on My Bill. The story has only just begun, you have my word as a pathetic little man.

Indeed, a very long, ambitious video is nearing completion as I write this. And accompanying this article, I give you a short video containing, well, the same sad excuses I've written for you above. Please enjoy, and I sincerely thank you for being patient.

Your friend and servant,


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